BIOTOP Natural Pool

Natural swimming ponds and natural swimming pools use the power of nature through aquatic plants and biological filtration to keep the water clear and clean.

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BIOTOP Living Pool

The Living Pool is our system to provide clear chemical free swimming for those who require a more conventional pool or who wish to convert an existing chlorinated pool.

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Aquatic Landscaping

We offer a full range of practical, consultancy and advisory services on every aspect of aquatic landscaping, including:

  • Natural swimming provision through the Biotop systems
  • Wildlife ponds and lakes
  • Fish keeping
  • Streams, rills, and marshes
  • Plants and planting schemes

NEW!  We now have a dedicated team to bring you a full maintenance service.

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Customer reviews

  • My pool is fantastic and a massive asset to my house and garden. Thank you Peter and your team


    In love with my B!Otop Pool