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BIOTOP Natural Pool

Natural swimming ponds and pools use the power of nature through aquatic plants and biological filtration to keep the water clear and clean, offering chemical free swimming while retaining the natural beauty of a wildlife pond.

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BIOTOP Living Pool

The Living Pool is our system to provide clear chemical free swimming for those who require a more conventional pool or who wish to convert an existing chlorinated pool into a natural swimming pool.

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Natural Swimming Pool Treatments &  Products

Purchase your Natural Swimming Pool treatments and equipment through us at Poolscape. 

We can provide all of the treatments, products and equipment that you could ever need.

From pool robots to blanket weed control, nets to water cleanser.  Just give us a call and we can help you to choose the right item for your needs.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

07974 390452

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Love2Stay Project

The 432 metre squared natural swimming pool at the centre of the Love2Stay resort, Shrewsbury, was designed by Poolscape Ltd in collaboration with RHS Gold Medal winning landscape design practice, MOSAIC.

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Pond Maintenance

We specialise in Natural Swimming Pool lining, Natural Swimming Pool maintenance, Natural Swimming Pool Conversions and public user pools.

Our dedicated team and can also offer a full maintenance service for Wildlife Ponds, Koi Ponds and Water Features, including pump and UV replacement.

We can check your pumps and pipework and make sure all the technical equipment is in full working order. We also check decking timbers and safety features and carry out any required repairs.

Give us a call to discuss your needs. +44 (0)7974 390452

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Pool Types Explained

Whether you would like a more formal looking natural swimming pool, a separate swiming and natural pool area or very natural looking lake/pond construction, it can be a little confusing as to what the differnces are.

We've made things easier for our potential customers by explaining the differences between the various kinds of construction available using the market leading Biotop technology. 

We have the right type of pool for you to suit both your budget and your requirements.

Use the link below to view four different types of natural pool.

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Customer Reviews

Peter knows more on the subject than anyone can possibly know and he delivers on time and budget. He has a great team working for him and is also extremely honest.

If you want a natural swimming pond built then choose Poolscape.