1. Swimming Ponds 

Swimming ponds are where it all started 35 years ago by Biotop, they work by removing phosphate using plants and basic earth bank construction. Aimed at a lower entry level, these are great for wildlife and eco friendly swimming.

Swimming Pond

2. Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools have more stable water quality with a clear area to swim in due to concrete wall construction but a naturally landscaped feel. The high standard of Biotop pools is due to many years of research and development.

Poolscape natural swimming pool

3. Biotop Living Pools

Biotop living pools are pure swimming pools with no chemicals (heating and solar covers are few options). Full health benefits of natural water for whole family to enjoy.

Poolscape biotop living pool

4. Hybrid Natural Swimming Pools

Hybrid Natural Swimming Pools blend the best of all the above. All our pools are landscaped to complement their existing surroundings and planted harmoniously to make swimming a real pleasure, as well as encouraging wildlife.

All Biotop pools work with nature for a chemical free experience.

Poolscape built the first public Natural Swimming Pool in the UK at the Love2Stay resort in Shrewsbury. It is enjoyed by over 100 swimmers, young and old, most weekends. It is subject to a rigorous regular water testing programme, and we ensure the water quality complies with all the required environmental health standards.

Poolscape Natural Swimming

See our image and video gallery for some recently commissioned examples and explanations.